Open the doors to your child's future with French-language education in Ontario

If you're considering enrolling your child in French immersion, why not give them a true immersion experience? French immersion programs teach French as a second language within English schools—which means that most school activities and services are offered only in English. And with children already surrounded by English outside of school, a more comprehensive French-language experience just makes sense. 

French-language education offers a complete immersion education—one where your child learns the Ontario curriculum entirely in French, and also experiences French outside the classroom: on the playground, in school hallways, from teachers and other school staff, and in daycare. And with French-language education, your child not only learns the French language, but is completely immersed in French culture as well.

Research has shown that children and young adults who attend French-language schools:

In fact, students attending French-language schools achieve higher grades in math, writing and reading comprehension on province-wide standardized tests than students in other school systems. Children enrolled in French education emerge fluent in both of Canada's official languages and remain bilingual for the rest of their lives, leading to greater opportunities for employment and travel and a higher likelihood of postsecondary education.

So if you're ready to give your child a true immersion experience in Ontario, select your region on the map at the right to learn more about French-language schools in your area.

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