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  • Dec192016

    Strengthening the culture of accessibility  

    The Ontario Student Trustees’ Association/l’Association des élèves conseillers et conseillères de l’Ontario (OSTA-AECO) has launched a new video titled By Any Measure” to shine a spotlight on accessibility. The video showcases successful student and staff-led initiatives that are making accessibility integral to school culture in Ontario. This initiative is in partnership with support from the Government of Ontario.

    More than 1.65 million Ontarians, or 15.4% of the population, have a recognized disability. This means that people with disabilities are by far the largest minority group in Ontario. The most important barrier to overcome is the barrier of attitude – that’s where the involvement of our schools holds the key to change and equality. As educators embrace the challenge of shifting attitudes towards disability, we will create the kind of change that is vitally needed.

    “The best way to change the future is to start with our young people, and this video is a great way to begin the conversation that needs to happen in our classrooms and beyond,” said David Onley, Special Advisor to Ontario’s Minister Responsible for Accessibility. “Making accessibility part of the culture in our schools today is an important step towards ensuring all Ontarians can reach their full potential.”

    Watch the video

    Watch the video – with American sign language