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What exactly does ACÉPO do?

Denis M. Chartrand, ACÉPO Chair, Sylvie Landry, ACÉO Vice-Chair

ACÉPO represents the concerns and interests of its members, and provides information and research. It helps the provincial government to ensure that students’ rights to a French-language education are fully respected and that their needs are fully meet.

ACÉPO provides a hub where members can share ideas and work together. ACÉPO offers members an annual general meeting, workshops, and activities with its partners. The goal of all of these activities is to meet the needs and interests of its members.

ACÉPO is the official bargaining agent of the province’s French-language public school boards at the provincial level.

ACÉPO ensures that its members are informed of current events and new statutes and policies. It facilitates and encourages dialogue with members of the legal community, elected representatives, senior officials at the Ministry of Education, and other experts.


ACÉPO is active on various committees, working groups, and research groups. For example: