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Our dream is to have schools in every part of the province to welcome students. We are making progress on this front, supporting the public school boards in their efforts to obtain new schools. As a result, our system is growing. However, there are still over 46 regions in the province where a substantial number of Francophones with Charter rights do not have access to a French-language public secondary school or elementary school.

This is cause for concern: full access to public education would be equitable and it would more effectively counter the growing rate of assimilation, which reached 46% in 2011.

ACÉPO advocates equivalent services and adequate funding for Francophone students.


Spheres of activity

ACÉPO is the voice of Ontario’s French-language public school boards.

ACÉPO is a strong advocate.

ACÉPO is a bargaining agent.

ACÉPO has a political presence.

ACÉPO works on behalf of its members.

ACÉPO is a partner of the Ontario Ministry of Education and the Ontario government.

ACÉPO is a key education stakeholder.

What exactly does ACÉPO do?  

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2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Fostering success

ONE French-language education system in Ontario

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