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Word from the Director

  • Feb142012

    Full-Day Junior and Senior Kindergarten


    I want to let you know that each of ACEPO member Board of Education offers Full-Day Junior and Senior Kindergarten, also referred to as Early Learning Programmes. That’s right, in each and every one of the elementary schools.

    Use ACEPO’s search tool or go to one of the Member school boards to find the school you need.

    When looking for a French School, note that the  list of schools on the Ministry’s website is incomplete.  Every single elementary French School of our system does offer full day programmes and other early learning services.

    ACEPO – the French Public School Boards’ Association, is a member of the Early Learning and Child Care Advisory Group whose purpose is to enable the various sectors to come together, solve  issues, share their expertises and ensure all of us are kept up-to-date on Early Learning Initiatives.   Sectors represented are : school boards, Ministry of Educaion, municipalities, child care providers, special eduction, regulatory colleges, unions and their federations, Aboriginal partners, Ministry of Parks and Recreation and Special Education. 

    ACEPO members have been providing Early Learning Full-Day for a long time. Do check us out.

    Best Regards,