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Word from the Director

  • Jun042012

    Let’s talk


    Over the past week end, Parents met to have conversations about how they can support each other, access services, improve services.

    I was impressed at the similiraty of the issues raised by parents who have registered their children in French Public Schools with those of our member School Boards. Focus was on how best to ensure the involvement of parents in the social demographic realities of families having more than one cultural or linguistic groups (often referred to in literature as exogamy), on early learning, on special education, on welcoming newcomers to the school or to the country, on supporting cultural and linguistic identities.  

    The choice of words is not necessarity identical – but it is clear the French Public school boards and the Parents are on the same wavelenght. 

    The delegations from French Public Schools was impressive in numbers and mostly in the quality of their participation. I paraphrase two parents from our schools who said  of Parents partenaires en éducation ” Wow, an efficient meeting that is not stressful” and “I had stopped coming to these provincial meetings. However, I am back because of the new dynamic action”.

    Best Regards,