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Bientôt l’école



Preparing your child to succeed

As parents, everything that you can teach to your own children better prepares them for their important first days at school. Bientôt l’école offers parents and their preschool children the very best of well designed, instructional resources. There, you will find the ways and means to improve and build your children’s motor skills, vocabulary and ability to concentrate; all in a easy going, relaxed way. This is all offered at no additional cost to parents. has a wealth of resources: videos in seven different languages, activity and fact sheets, useful links and contact information to register your child in a French language school.

The Bientôt l’école project is an initiative of ACÉPO. It is realized with the exceptional contribution of staff from each of ACÉPO’s constituent boards of education and the assistance of staff from the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat of Ontario’s Ministry of Education.