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Inclusive Schools


French-language education in Ontario and in Canada is vital to Francophone communities. Learning in French is a right and an opportunity. In addition to learning in French, students have an opportunity to learn about their culture, make friends in French, and become actively involved in Ontario’s Francophone community.


Ontario’s French-language public school boards share a vision, a mission, and values based on equitable access to high-quality, French-language public education and actions that are based on respect, integrity, inclusion, and transparency. They promote diversity and place value on the role of the students, parents, staff, and communities they serve.


Ontario’s public schools are inclusive. They are open to all; their admission criteria are those of the French-language school and the school board district. They welcome students from a broad range of backgrounds, religions, and cultures. Inclusive schools cannot refuse to admit a student on the basis of religion or beliefs or on any other discriminatory basis.


Denis Labelle, School Trustee and CSPNE President

 Ontario’s public schools offer high-quality education, the defining features of which are innovation and open-mindedness. Every student is able to take his or her rightful place, receiving support and encouragement to achieve his or her full potential. The exceptional achievement of these students attests to the quality of education they are receiving.


Ontario’s French-language public schools transmit values that enable students to flourish, becoming fully-engaged members of their communities while taking pride in their culture. The learning environment in Ontario’s French-language public schools is Francophone, dynamic, friendly, and conducive to personal, academic, and social success.

 Graduates of Ontario’s French-language public schools have a competitive edge: they are bilingual, which increases their chances of finding well-paying employment.


The French-language public education system is the education system in the province that is growing the most. It meets all of the needs of a multicultural population living in a modern, democratic society.