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Annual Reports

  • Feb032021

    ACÉPO 2020 Annual Report

    An unparalleled commitment

    The year 2020 will remain engraved in our collective memory for a long time. Although we are eager to emerge from this pandemic, it would be a mistake to remember this year as one of hardship and negativity. As President of ACÉPO, I can attest to the extraordinary response of Ontario’s four French-language public school boards to the tremendous challenge that the pandemic has represented and continues to represent.

    From mid-March to the end of December, the trustees, directors of education, administrative teams and education teams of our four school boards worked tirelessly, openly, committedly, innovatively, patiently and, above all, wholeheartedly to implement everything necessary to ensure the best possible learning environment for their students, families, staff and communities. No effort was spared, despite the sometimes impossible conditions under which they had to work.

    This year, I want to pay tribute to these women and men. I dare to hope that it is them and their unparalleled commitment to our children that we will remember as we look back on 2020.

    Denis M. Chartrand, ACÉPO Chair 

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